Labour Day Sale!

Labour Day Sale!

Strained Clothing Co's 48 Hour 25% off sale starts now!

25% off the entire store, fill up your cart with our #DopeGear and drop some pictures on social media.

Tag us and we will gladly share it on our page!

Have a great labour day weekend!

Stay lit.

THCentral & Dabarnak presents: The Gathering 2

THCentral & Dabarnak presents: The Gathering 2

Dabarnak Concentrates Collective is a network of Canadian cannabis enthusiasts who broadcast content for the cannabis community. The channels founder, Justin Trudope is a satirical charachter dedicated to freedom of speech and the global legalization of cannabis.

The Gathering 2 took place on this years 4/20, a private event created and hosted by Justin Trudope. Strained Clothing Co was invited to participate in this event and gladly contributed our Strains By Strained Collection to the gifts given out to winners of the various games played throughout the night.

We would like to take the time to thank all the patients...

Coming Soon!

Strained Clothing Co aims to be much more than a simple clothing brand, we will be bringing you the latest and best cannabis culture news and content.

Contact us through our contact page if you are insterested in submitting content (photo/video/journalism)